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PFG works through a network of professionals and individuals to create product, services and sales consideration for your company. The end result: "The world’s eye is on you!"

Our company works with your company to maximize the number of consumers that purchase products and services. By collecting an audience of potential consumers, PFG and the client seek to gain as much exposure as possible for the company, it's products and services. We perform our own due diligence, as our credibility is on the line with consumers when we advertise your company. PFG’s client base has a common goal – they want to be known as legitimate, growing companies. At PFG, our reputation is immeasurable as we have a combined 40 years experience in helping small cap companies grow. We believe in building value and integrity – much like your company

Plans for Growth (PFG) is a firm specializing in increasing the sales, product demand and interest of its clients. Small-cap companies contract PFG to publicize the value of their companies for a number of reasons. Among them are the following:

  • Maximize company equity.
  • Seek out consumers and increase market cap via sales.
  • Increase company value for maximum investment purposes.
  • Exposure to the very eyes your company seeks; consumers, investors, and industry professionals.
  • Incredible social media exposure, unparalleled visibility.

What We Do

PFG is a an all encompassing product branding firm.

Plans For Growth LLC is a financial consulting firm specializing in start-up companies to medium revenue companies ($10 million or less in sales). We specialize in two areas:

  • CFO Services by the Day, Week, or Longer.
  • Consumer Awareness and Product Branding.

Plans For Growth deals with a wide range of businesses. Our company has specific expertise in almost every business due to our vast and diverse experience in working with many companies with a combined 40 years of experience. Many issues are common to almost all small businesses therefore we work with all companies in a wide range of businesses. Recent activities for our clients have included the following:

  • Strategy Development
  • Funding Advice & Introductions
  • Business Plans
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Social Media Advertisement Experience
  • A massive database of subscribers who wish to buy products and seek potential growth companies like yours to partake in various opportunities with.

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